Turkey Point
New Jersey

Wild Turkey
Meleagris gallopavo


Archaeological Site biological inventory of economic botany - Elder participation

Certificate of Completion: Sierra Intitute, 2005
Advanced Herbal, 2006

Field inventory of plant populations and species of economic botany

Author of thesis research tittled: Applied Ethnobotany:Law, Health, and Sacred Sites Resources: the Southern Sierra Miwuk Gathering Plan, 2005; and  Landscape of Anthropological Myth: the Southern Sierra Miwuk Geography of Religion, 2002. CSUS-confidential agreement with the AICMC, Inc. for research housed in the Tribal Archives for Federal Recognition.

Presenter at ESRI GIS 2005 Plants along the Village Chain of the Southern Sierra Miwuk Lineage


People, Places, and Parks: The GWS2005 Conference Proceedings
Ancestral Gathering Routes - Linear features with a purpose 
www.georgewright.org/2005proc.html - 17k